Jigsaw Puzzles

Launched in 1994, BrainsBreaker was one of the first jigsaw puzzle games available on the internet. It has evolved a good deal during these years and is still evolving, always looking to provide the best puzzle experience.
Play comfortably at home, using your own photos to create them or the prebuilt ones.

* For Mac and Windows computers *

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Puzzle with a pet picture

Use your own photos

Create as many puzzles as you want with your favorite pictures: the ones of your pets, your vacations, the flowers of the garden...
Gift puzzles icon

Gift Puzzles

Share your hobby with the gift puzzles, sending them to family and friends and easily created with the program with your favorite pictures
Different BrainsBreaker shapes

Variety of shapes

Try with different cuts of pieces, each one offers a different experience while playing
Trays storing pieces

Trays to store

A great help to organize the pieces in the most difficult puzzles

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